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"I Got U"  is midtempo and danceable. If you swing out, "step" or line dance, this song is for you! It's causing dance floors to fill up across the nation!

"Everybody" grab somebody. Feel the rhythm..." is what you're being asked to do on this song from the "Stylish Melodies" CD.
"If I had one wish that could come true, "24 Hours" would be spent with you... Lovers get this "get closer" song today!
Be "Happy" Focus on forgetting sadness and remember wha't great about life and living and pursue it relentlessly. Let this melody remind you of it dayily.
"Forever"is a might long time, but it's what I want to spend with you. "There's no place I'd rather be" is that comfortable feeling you have for another that you love.
He's my "Big Daddy"  "Upper class ghetto team with big dreams. Alwasys went to bed with his doorag, me with my cream to tighten up my bags..."
"Falsetto" is how elevated my voice gets when I'm in love. It's a "girl" thing. Get Falsetto" , girls, and be reminded of that feeling over and over...
"Long Way Home" is the route you keep taking to avoid being intimate and friendly with me. "Can't keep taking that long way hone"..Use this song to send a message to someone who won't listen to your attempts to fix the relationship.
"Happy" comes alive on "Zoe Live" with Zoë and her 5-piece band and background singers. The plea becomes personal as she encourages you the listener to not give up on you. Find a way to be "Happy".
"I Got U" "live"  breathes and builds with inspiration as the melody glides effortlessly in sync with the lyrics and the band, and is an essential part of the "Zoe Live" 14 song live cd.
"There were so many things I missed growing up a little girl seldom kissed. All I ever reall wanted to feel was like I exist..." is the substance of "Dying for Love" through the eyes of a girl who felt neglected. If it speaks to your childhood, it speaks to your heart. Hear and sympathize...
I Can't Live Without Your Love" but I guess I'll have to since "we've gone about our lives separately." Even though "you know that my heart is there with you". If you can relate to this love quandry, this song needs to be a part of your collection.
24 Hours" "live" makes the scene even more intimate with the lyrical "paradise is in your eyes, but to me it's no surprise that your love has captured me..." on this version of 24 Hours" as heard on the "Zoe Live" CD. Create moods with it in your love life.
"Black Angel" "Do you remember you were born to be a black man now understand it's on you only you. Never give up. Never ever ever give up on you." is an "ode" to black men, young and old to be encouraged and wise about how they conduct their lives. This could be an anthem for a race of people. 
It's the "Long Way Home" that you keep taking to avoid me, "live" on the "Zoe Live"  CD. It may help to help to get your point across to a lover who has become distant, If you get it today, and play it in their presence.
"Will You Dance With Me" she asks him after he's been "Working 9 to 5 all week long." Then she offers" I"ve got something for you as soon as you get through." It's latin. It's muy caliente! Dance to it and have fun with it.
"Should I give love another "go"? Before you, I told myself "no" "...Take all of me. There's no place I'd rather be than by your side spending time "Forever". It's a commitment to love for another in a live confession in song on this
"I Lose Control"  "based on what you say to me...even at the thought of you." When it's "live" like this version is, the feeling is felt. Get if for yourself from the "Zoe Live"  CD here.
"It's not every day that your heart meets another who believes in love the way you do. Now that I've found someone with whom to share tomorrow, let's make it last "Let Forever Find Us Together" Simply put, and available on the "Zoe Live"  CD.
Breakups with no makeups lead to "Pain"  Here, she laments that it "is all I feel now." "Love will make you oh so sad inside", depending on how you want to use it. Hear it on "Zoe Live" .
 "If You Feel About Me"  the way I do you, you wouldn't let anything keep me away from you." sings Zoë. "Rocky. sometimes, is the road that your love can lead." Point taken? Remind a love one of how you feel with this song. on the "Zoe Live" .CD.
 I want to see you tonight, but you have so much going on in your life that you're not available. So, you have to "Get in Where U Fit in" in order for it to work with us is basically the premise of the song. Hear it live on "Zoe Live" .CD, and get it here!

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