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 “I GOT U” is a song, a universal message, a movement and a perspective that applies to everything Zoë and Dede are honored to offer as two businesswomen from the great state of Texas with local, regional, national & international perspectives. Our unique approach to the work and the results of our efforts have manifested in every area that we touch. We are blessed in all that we put our hands to.

The focus is in the areas of fashion, music, philanthropy, community, holistic health & wellness, event production, and more. We guaranteed you will enjoy and want to be a part of something that we do.

Peruse the pages of our website for highlights of a portion of what we have accomplished in over 25 years of work while sharing what you see, hear and read with your colleagues and friends.

Join in with our professional and benevolent teams by volunteering, and donating to the "I Got U Movement". Every part you play will further enhance our growth and assist in our continuing to move forward.


Contact us via email TODAY : zoeanddede@gmail.com

 https://www.facebook.com/Chrizcera Zoe



We look forward to your support!


Blessings w/Love.


Zoë & Dede